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Have you ever worked so hard at something, put so much blood, sweat and exhaustion into it, but never received the results you’d hoped? I believe we all have. This is exactly what most people do when they take on the journey and desire to be found organically in a flooded world of the Online space, for instance, Google search engine. Time and time again, I speak to or work with someone that has built a beautiful website, it has all the bells and whistles; aesthetically, but not one result comes from the efforts of designing it. But why does this happen? Let’s dive into some possible reasons. 

(SideNote: the mentioned below are just a few things that could be wrong). 

For my company when we work with a client, we start with the basics then dive deeper. First, we have to look at, does your website design and layout fit your business model. Then we have to look at whether your website provides a good user experience for the one navigating on your site. Then we have to look at, does your site provide the information the user is looking for in a short period of time. One main question we have to focus on is how new your website may be. It takes time for Google to discover your new website and the web pages, so if you launched your site this morning or last week, Google hasn’t found it yet. Once we answer those few questions, then we can dig deeper into the weeds on the backside of things to truly understand what may be going on. However, it’s important to note that when you type something into Google hoping to see your website in the search results, you’re not actually looking for your website. You’re looking for a page on your website.  

Your website speaks to your Google in multiple ways and the understanding of how websites and search engines work on the back end can be confusing but let’s water it down.  

Examples could be; Other than the few basic things listed above we must look at, is your site telling Google not to index your site. If you tell Google not to show certain pages in the search results, then it won’t. This is due to what is called -noindex- meta tag, which is an HTML code. Another reason your site is not being found could be you’re blocking search engines from crawling your site. One reason could be your site does not provide backlinks or you’re not back-linked to other sites which provides credibility for you to Google. Google likes to see your site interacting with other sites.  Another reason is the most common, your site does not rank for the proper keywords you want your site to show up for. Keyword ranking is a time-consuming process and requires constant management. For instance,  if you have pictures or videos placed on your site and no keywords are provided for that image then Google has no clue to search for it because Google doesn’t know what an image is. Of course, there could be a ton of reasons why your website is not showing up or on the first page of search engines. This is why I recommend having a complete audit performed on your site that will provide you with a detailed list of all the issues related to your site.

To put all of this into simple terms, ranking on search engines is like trying to turn the channel on your television when the remote is broken. No matter what you do, until you resolve the problem with the remote, your television is not going to receive the signal it needs from your remote to turn the channel. The same goes for your website, until you fix the severe technical issues, your site will not communicate with search engines and rank higher on the list.  

Having the desire to be found online in a space that everyone is fighting for,  can be overwhelming but with a little patience and a great deal of knowledge, it is doable. So start with the basics and do an audit to truly understand what may be causing your issues with your website.