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The difference between a Video Production / Marketing Company and a guy with a camera…

It’s true, creating a video to market your brand or service is one of the best and most powerful ways to reach your target audience. This is why most companies look for professional video production / marketing services for help. However, it takes more than just a guy with a camera to create a video that will connect with your audience and get the results you desire. Knowing the difference between a video production / marketing company and a guy with a camera is extremely important prior to your next marketing campaign.

So dive in…

Let’s start with the guy with a camera…

More and more companies are exploring the option of using staff, a family member, a friend to produce videos, which is great for certain videos but is it the right option? Let’s face it, people have grown up with video and many produce video on the side. So, there’s a good chance someone you know has the desire and maybe even the ability to produce your video.

Often, this approach meets the needs of the company, especially if it’s an internal training or a simple message from the CEO. While it might appear you are saving money, this decision often comes at the cost of knowing exactly what the message must deliver and the ROI of your efforts. Is it a bad thing to use a guy with a camera? NO.. we were once that guy with a camera, but it has its place and time when to use and when not to use.

We know, not all companies can afford to use a video production / marketing company, and not all companies need to use a video production / marketing company in the first stages of business. But when it comes to your brand appearance and impact, we must look at the first impression and message being delivered that you are sending to your audience. Is the video clear, is the video powerful, is the video creative, does the video target exactly who you need to reach, does the video speak the language of your brand, does the video have a call to action, is the video too sellzy, the list goes on and on… These are the questions that must be asked prior to ever pressing the record button. We are not saying that a guy with a camera will not ask these questions but the possibility of it is slim… So just because you can use a guy with a camera, doesn’t mean you should.

Dive into a video production / marketing company 

What is a Video Production / Marketing Company? A Video Production / Marketing Company is created from scratch. Video production and marketing companies have the equipment and expertise at their disposal to craft striking commercials and videos in order to engage the public and drive brand awareness. High quality videos also need a good script to capture the attention of viewers. A guy with a camera has little experience in this regard. But video production / marketing companies not only have professional scriptwriters, they also have experienced voice actors to deliver excellent audio quality. Professional voice over narration and excellent score are necessary video elements, and the list goes on and on…

When production value is important which should always be, it’s time to reach out to a professional video production / marketing company. When messaging is important, strategy is required, and the final product must be visually stunning to your audience. It’s time to reach out to a video production / marketing company.

A video production / marketing company deals with marketing videos to the correct audience. Correct audience differs from content to content, and it is the job of the video production / marketing company to find out the correct audience and make the video reach the audience. They work on the basis of end results required, and then define their work from that point onwards. Their work involves around the campaigns and running them on various media, and to enhance the return-on-investment (ROI).

A video production / marketing company has a different mindset and checklist in their agenda.

  • 5 WHY Method (which we discussed in previous newsletters).
  • The brand identity and the identity the brand wants to form.
  • Where the video would be made to reach on the basis of the above.
  • The target audience.
  • What customers want and what you are delivering, and correcting if it is off.
  • Scripting and choosing actors based on the brand image.
  • Storyboarding.
  • Clients ROI and growth.

To set your expectation on what each service can provide for your business, here are a few things to keep in mind.

A video production / marketing company will begin by researching and understanding your target audience. Who are you trying to connect with? How old are they? What do they enjoy? What are they struggling with? A video production / marketing company will also take the time to really understand your business and your products. A great marketing video is like a salesperson ready to offer their best pitch. It is impossible to make a compelling and focused case for your product or service without a clear understanding of what you are offering and what your audience is looking for.

The most important work in creating an effective marketing video occurs before the camera is used. A solid script. The right locations. Voice actors, talent, images all need to be chosen carefully.

Video production / marketing companies have far greater service offerings compared to a guy with a camera. The key reason for this is that video production / marketing companies have an extensive staff of highly skilled professionals while a guy with a camera basically works on their own. Check out more of what we do on our services page. Contact us TODAY for your next marketing project. (706) 407-9600.