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Physical Therapy SEO Marketing


Are you ready to take your Physical Therapy business to the next level?

If you are struggling to scale your Physical Therapy practice and keep a steady flow of patients, struggle no more. You have came to the right marketing firm. We would like to invite you to a LeadFlow Acceleration Strategy Session where we dive deep into your current marketing efforts and tell what you are doing great and what you can be doing better. This is a FREE strategy session that provides a ton of information on how you can take your Physical Therapy practice to the next level.

SEO Marketing

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Every SEO Marketing journey starts with a solid strategic plan. There is no one size fits all!

SEO Marketing (Search Engine Optimization)

Physical Therapy SEO is the foundation for any digital marketing plan. It establishes trust, builds domain authority, and sets the stage for successful digital marketing strategies. But, Physical Therapy SEO is a process, not an immediate solution. It takes time to build and execute a proper SEO strategy that delivers results.

The term “search engine optimization (SEO)” refers to a blend of internal and external tactics. The major search engines each have their own formula or “secret sauce” for ranking pages within search results for Physical Therapy. Referred to technically as algorithms, these formulas are closely guarded practices that major search engines protect as trade secrets.

Providing value, establishing trust, and building domain authority are key components when increasing your search engine rankings. Get your business started on the right track with our affordable SEO packages.

The three parts Of SEO Marketing

On-page SEO

This portion of SEO includes strategies to optimize individual pages on your website.  You implement changes on a page to help it rank better in search results.

• Keyword Research

• Keyword Optimization

• Content Creation


Technical SEO

Aside from on-page SEO, there is also technical SEO. Technical SEO involves the backend of your site and optimizing the components to improve your site ranking.

• Improving your site’s speed

• Making your site mobile-friendly

• Increasing your site’s crawlability


Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO involves any off-page SEO strategy that is outside of your company’s control. This practice helps strengthen your relationship with other sites and builds your online reputation in your industry. The most common off-site SEO practice is backlinks.

Backlinks are links to your site from other sites.

Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important?

In the modern world, technology is an essential part of life, and search engines play an important role in that reality. Thousands of users perform search engine queries just about every second of every day. That is a tremendously large and constantly replenished audience to reach from a marketing perspective.

The statistics below represent approximate figures to demonstrate the impact of search engine marketing:

  • 67,000 users perform a Google search every second of every day.
  • 93 percent of online endeavors start with a search engine query.
  • 58 percent of online searches come from mobile devices.
  • 46 percent of Google searches are locally and geographically focused.
  • 39 percent of global traffic to eCommerce websites originates from search engines.
SEO Marketing


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How Do You Rank On Local Search?

SEO Packages


Elite Marketing is a leading search engine optimization company specializing in the WordPress platform.

In today’s big world of internet land, the SEO marketing industry is saturated with companies claiming to promise you an over load of traffic on a silver platter in search engine optimization. And if you have fell into that trap, that is probably why you are in on our website. Physical Therapy SEO Marketing is a process that involves more than a thousand factors, and if you fail short or leave one of those factors out, you receive poor to no results at all. If you want to be found in search results for the keywords and phrases important to your business, then you need to give search engines a reason to want to include you in their search results. We can apply the same SEO strategies to your website that helped bring you here.

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