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Peeling back the layers is pulling out all the cards and exposing every inch of fabric that you have invested your entire life into… You’re company.

In today’s world, everyone wants to know what’s in it for me.. “How is that going to affect my life.. What will I get out of that.. What are my long term opportunities…”

The list goes on and on…

The same goes for your next job opening and the person applying for it…

Every person that steps foot in your place of business looking for a job, or clicking that apply button of your online job posting, has multiple things on their mind, but the top two being… “How will this company treat me as a person and what are my long term opportunities?”

Yes, the money factor plays a part of their final decision, but we guarantee you if you ask anyone what was the deciding factor that made them choose a certain job or company over another… It was how the company treats its employees and the long term opportunities… Ask your co-worker or your next employee and hear for yourself, better yet do an employee survey and have these two questions at the very top of the list.

So how do you weed out the potential new hires that don’t give a rip about future growth or employee satisfaction? Or how do I find the caliber of employees that I am looking for and get away from the same job posting, employee interview routine??

Follow along and let us show you…

Below is a 4 step process that is guaranteed to help you find the caliber of employees that fit your company’s mission.

Step 1: Company Brand Film

Peel back the layers and showcase exactly who you are, what your company stands for and the mission you have for your employees, your company and the future ahead. Peeling back the layers on every department, every current employee, every fabric of the four walls your company stands for, your mission… The best way to do this is what we call a Company Brand Film..

Step 2: Employee Testimonials

Peel back the layers and let your current employees tell exactly what they feel about working for your company, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Yes, we know this could be scary, but its valuable information that you must know and potential new hires need to hear, more so the good of your company… Employee testimonials are one of the most valuable pieces of information that you can obtain at any giving moment of running a business.

Step 3: Department BreakThrough

Peeling back the layers of a certain department. If you have a job posting for a certain department, peel back the layers and expose exactly what that department does, how the department head takes care of their employees, what is the team like, what sets their team apart from other companies, etc. etc. etc… Breaking down your departments into segments and exposing how those departments work will be the determining factor if your department has a strong employee base and is running like a greasy gear or running like a jet fuel drag car with no one at the wheel…

It will eventually derail and your entire team will fail…

Step 4: The One At The Wheel

Peeling back the layers and letting the message come directly from the Owner, CEO, Executive, Department Head, etc.

No matter who you are, you want to know who is at the wheel and what that person expects from their employees, how ethical they are, what is their demeanor, and how do they treat their employees.

There is no better way to express that than through a direct message video from the person at the wheel. We don’t care who you are, people can see straight through a line of bull…. and know if you are filling them with fluff or truly mean what you say.

So all of that being said, there is no easier and faster way to expose every fabric of your company than with video. Taking a different approach and focusing on exactly what a new hire wants to find out and how to expose it, will mean success for your business or long term struggles. Taking each one of these 4 step videos, applying them to your next job posting, will be the most valuable and game-changing strategy you will ever take… Guaranteed.

Let’s be honest… aside from sales, employees are the future of our business