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The Value Of Networking

Have you ever been so frustrated with wanting to connect with the right business owner, the department head, or just someone on the inside but just don’t know exactly how to do it or where to start? We sure have… In our line of work and we are sure yours as well, a lot of times it boils down to who you know that knows someone you want to know.

In this newsletter we want to fill you in on one very important piece of connecting with others. One of the easiest and most valued packed tool’s that you can have at your disposal is… Networking.

Networking is the exchange of information and ideas among people with a common profession or special interest, usually in an informal social setting. Networking has long been a core business skill and will continue as long as you want to succeed. The principles remain the same; it’s about cultivating social and professional relationships to further your business or career, whether that is online, in work, or through hobbies and extracurricular activities.

For those that find networking difficult there are ways to become more comfortable. It can be useful to find a ‘networking partner.’ This may be a family member, friend or colleague who is also trying to expand their network. Start by networking internally in your organization by reaching out to a business leader for lunch or asking a manager to go for coffee. They will rarely say no.

What does Networking help you accomplish?

Friendships – This has been mentioned first since it plays an important role just as much as every other point that would be mentioned further. With networking, it is easy for you to end up making great friends since you both think alike. And friends can become a strong building stone for your life, ideas, and even business. Some of the strongest friendships started from networking in the business world

Increase confidence – By networking regularly, you would be able to push yourself to talk to different people and this would eventually increase your confidence. Moreover, being a business owner, it is important as the business growth is entirely dependent on your way of making connections and talking to people. Eventually, it also turns you into a confident person and the more confident you are the more confident you are in your business. 

Opportunities – Opportunities means an asset or business sale, writing and speaking opportunities, partnership, client leads, joint ventures and more. All you need to take care of is choosing the right opportunity and ignoring those that would be harmful to your business.

Business growth – No matter how you look at it, networking is a vital part of growing your business and opportunities for self growth. Connecting with others in your niche opens up possibilities for relationships that you sometimes thought were never possible. Networking gives you the chance to open up in a setting that is low key, less stress and a place to share stories that show your personal side of life. Where else can you do that?

At times it can be extremely stressful locating the right networking group for you, but it doesn’t have to be. With our focus in the manufacturing and industrial market, connecting with the movers & shakers can be tough. But after doing a deep dive into where we can connect with the audience of our niche, we stumbled upon an organization that provides the exact type of networking group we have been searching for, Georgia Manufacturing Alliance

Georgia Manufacturing Alliance is an organization that was developed by Jason Moss for manufacturing and business professionals alike to have a common place to connect and network with one another. Visit Georgia Manufacturing Alliance to learn more about the organization and how you can play a vital role in a great networking community and let them know we sent you:)

So don’t get discouraged on where to network or the right group for you. Do your research (Google), join your local chamber, and locate a networking group that fits your professional niche, put yourself out there and make the connections you need to start new relationships. It’s scary at first, but it is so worth it..Check out more of what we do on our services page. Contact us TODAY for your next marketing project. (706) 407-9600.