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Let’s be blunt for a moment. You could be a great writer, designer and possibly even a magician with conversions. But if you aren’t doing these key things for your business, you probably aren’t seeing people flock to your website or blog. 


  1. Write and create exceptional content. (For content ideas visit here)
  2. Optimize your pages for search engines.
  3. Research and analyze.
  4. Find the right keywords and plug them in. 

Let’s break those down. 


Creating great content isn’t all just plugging in as many keywords as you can (Keyword Stuffing) in one page or blog post and in fact Google will slap your hand for doing things like that and push you to the end of the SEO line if they catch you doing it. 

Compelling. Entertaining. High quality. Shareable. 

These are components of your content that make it stand out from the rest. 

When curating blog posts, social media posts or even website pages keep your audience in mind. Who is your target audience? What do they want to know? What do you want them to know? 

Make sure you are keeping it simple as well. Online readers are skimmers. Break it down into small paragraphs and use bullet points and numbered lists when possible. 


Your target audience should not have to search through pages to find your website. There’s a lot that goes into a strong SEO strategy BUT it isn’t as difficult as it may sound. 

Content optimization begins with knowing which keywords you need to plug into your website, blog or posts. Don’t forget: too many keywords at once can get you pushed down. 

Make sure everything you create is what we call “MOBILE-READY.” Which means if someone is using their mobile device to pull up your website or blogs, the design is just as simple and flawless on their mobile device as it would be on a computer. 

Google’s algorithm displays mobile-friendly websites FIRST because more users are searching on their smartphones in 2021. 

When optimizing your site, link internally when possible. Use inbound links, outbound links and internal links. If you’ve ever written about a topic that’s mentioned in your blog post on another blog post, social media channel, or web page, it’s a best practice to link to that page.


Throwing your content on the internet with no set audience in mind will make your content go nowhere. Your business serves a specific segment of the population. Your audience is never “everyone,” but rather a group of people that will utilize your business, product or service. 

Research the type of person that would most likely buy into what you have to offer and analyze what gets them to click or follow. 

​​Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups that relate to your business. See what other business owners are saying. Follow your consumers — see who they are following, what they are searching, what questions they are asking. 

The more information you can find out about your customers, the better focused your efforts will be.


Once you know who your audience is, you can create a list of keywords associated with their needs. 

Some words have a higher competitor level and there are plenty of other businesses trying to rank words on the first page of Google. Getting to the top of Google search results can take some time but as you start getting more and more visits to your site or blog, you create more content and your pages create a following, your rankings will move up. 

Identify related search terms that are relevant to your industry and focus on those keywords to start growing your traffic online. Sites like help you find popular keywords related to your business. 

At the end of the day the key to gaining more traffic is to be consistent with all of these. Consistently post. Consistently follow a plan. Consistently engage online. 

The above list does not include everything a person could know about gaining traffic online and, but by just following the above tips, you’ll be miles ahead of the competition and will likely see your website get significant traffic in the following months. 

The internet is a big place. It’s time to get found today. 

Let us help you get found today. Our SEO marketing specialists can provide you with top notch expertise to help you get found online today. Visit to see how we can serve you today!