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Overcoming the global crisis…ONLINE

As cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) increase internationally, businesses have begun scrambling to navigate the pandemic – both internally and externally. Businesses are struggling with strategies with marketing and budgets to get ahead of the eight ball on this pandemic. For most businesses, especially small businesses, budgets are tight at the moment due to doors closing, the recommended social distancing, no online exposure to customers, reallocating dollars to make sure employees are paid, etc. etc. the list goes on and on. Even though we must focus on how we keep our employees and public safe from continuing the spread of this horrible virus, we also must not lose sight of how we keep cash flow coming in to survive this and make sure we all come out on top in our business when this pandemic Is over.

Let’s face it, unfortunately billions of dollars are being lost daily due to this outbreak, but it is up to us as business owners to strap up our boot laces, put our heads together and figure out how we get out of this mess. Other than assuring the safety of your employees and the public, we must figure out a way to connect with our customers and where they will be hanging out for the next month or so, and if you haven’t figured it out by now, it is on-line. Elite MarketingCo. has been preaching for years the power of online and digital platforms, now is the time for all businesses to take advantage of it and see for ourselves. During this crisis, most of our customers will have a lot of free time on their hands and scrubbing the online world for products and services that are needed, and all of us must be there.

So now is the time to look at your current marketing plan for 2020-20201, where your marketing dollars are going and determine, is that the best choice for the current situation? We know it is a challenging time, but now is the time to press forward to execute.

To help you get started, we have listed below some things to focus on.

Digital Marketing

The major advantage of digital marketing, besides the fact that it does not require face-to-face interaction, is that it is measurable. Businesses can quite easily obtain a good picture of their spending return on investment (ROI), and of which activities generate the highest number of quality leads and at what expense. Assuming that many businesses will have some extra free time, especially those who will have to go into home isolation, it is wise to review their online marketing strategy and redefine marketing messages. Some of the platforms you must focus on and include in your marketing plan during this crisis time are the following…. 

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tik Tok, SnapChat:  Run campaign ads. Boost post. Post micro videos. Live Stream. Repurpose old content. Special offers.

Email Newsletters – Develop a newsletter if you don’t have one. If you do, fine tune it and send out special offers. 

Spotify – Run campaign ads with new offers.

TV, NetFlix, Hulu – Create new offers and take this time to produce new content. (With social distancing in place, we can produce content with a small crew in controlled environments).  

***Remember you must be where your customers will hang out during this crisis***

This is also a great opportunity to fine-tune the following features of your company’s visibility and promotion strategy. Things that we sometimes take for granted and forget about, now is that time to fine-tune them or develop them.

Website content – Ensuring that it contains the right marketing messages with the right call for action. *Hopefully* you have a website. If not, this is a prime example of why you must have a website.

SEO – Checking your current website organic search rankings and optimizing them for search engines to improve the quality and quantity of your web traffic.

Content marketing – Using this opportunity to generate new blog posts and to start writing the next newsletter for your customers.

Press releases and articles – Develop new topics you can inform your audience and clients about what you are doing to overcome this situation and make sure you are doing everything you can to keep people safe.

Marketing materials – Design presentations, brochures, direct mailers, and other marketing materials.

Video – Produce micro videos that are distributed on your digital platforms, always keeping your customers in the know and news offers available.

Go Live – This is a prime opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and go live with your audience with: training sessions, behind the scene segments, things you have going on in the business for the day and what you are doing to improve, etc. 

Strengthening your focus online will enable you to maintain normality in these crazy days and will give you a competitive edge over competitors who are slow to react. Use the power of on-line and survive this mess.This crisis will end soon, but no matter how long it takes, strengthening your online marketing efforts will minimize the risk and improve your overall position when things do get back to normal. Turn this crisis into a success story for your company. Check out more of what we do on our services page. Contact us TODAY for your next marketing project. (706) 407-9600.