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GEO-Fencing Marketing Can Work For You

Each product and service deserves to be seen. We help our clients to nurture and scale their digital marketing efforts through Geo-Fencing Marketing services tailored specifically to your target audience.

Geo-Fencing Marketing Location Based Advertising

Geofence marketing is a form of location-based marketing where a geographic boundary is placed around a point of interest. When a mobile device enters this area, the geofence can trigger several different events. These triggers are usually the delivery of some kind of advertising. Historically this has been via SMS marketing, but increasingly this process has developed to include push notifications and even fit seamlessly into the programmatic advertising stack.

Benefits Of Geo-Fencing 

Allows you to precisely target your content.

Allows you to get the right content out at the right time.

Geo-Fencing is cost-effective.

GEO-Fencing Marketing

How Geo Fencing Advertising Works

A virtual GEO-Fence is traced around a location where you want to build an audience based on the visits to the particular location during a set, scheduled timeframe.

When people enter the geo-fenced location during the set timeframe, they will then become a part of an audience that can later be targeted following the event.

As the user visits various apps downloaded on their phone (Angry Bird, Weather Channel, Emoji Keyword, Words With Friends) or browses the internet on the mobile browsers, they begin to see ads from you.

User can see those Ads for 1 day and up to 30 days after he/she has entered the geo-fence.


Target Your Customers At Home

Target 1,000 To 1,000,000 Home Addresses With Laser Precise “Addressable Geo-fencing“

Do you have a list of customers or business addresses? Addressable Geo-Fencing can be used both as a stand-alone tactic and to improve the results of addressable TV campaigns, direct mail campaigns, and other marketing efforts that target specific households. By extending the reach, improving the frequency, and providing foot traffic attribution through conversion zone tracking, Addressable Geo-Fencing makes all household and business address targeting efforts more effective through our automated plateline geofencing drawing capabilities.

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Why should you hire us? 


Our advertising campaigns are reviewed and managed hourly to make sure you receive the very best. We have a team of experts and experienced professionals who will check and recheck and adjust your campaigns to ensure the most optimal performance and ensure you are getting a positive ROI.

Simple & Straightforward Reporting

At Elite Marketing Co, Marketing, we take pride in our work. Consequently, we are always ready to provide you with clear, and easy-to-understand reports. Our team experts provide reports in a clear, detailed, and easy-to-understand style. We will not confuse you with industry jargon or leave out any vital details.

Optimized for Conversions

You can be assured that Elite Marketing Co’s Marketing’s campaigns are properly optimized to convert. You will see a significant increase in the number of leads and sales your campaigns generate with our services.

We Are Personal. We Care

Your Success, is Our Success and we don’t take that lightly!

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