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Communication is Key

The importance of communication when working with a video production company.

Every project is different. Every message is different. Every client is different. In order for a video production company to deliver a project that exceeds a clients expectation, it all boils down to one key factor, communication.

“From the very first meeting to delivery, Communication is the utmost important.”

In every project, there are multiple phases throughout the project. Here are several phases that communication is absolutely key when making sure the project goes smoothly


Phase 1 – Vision 

Determining the clients vision and creating a story line based on the vision while building the scope of work. Communication from the beginning is very important. It is extremely important for a client to make sure before the end of every meeting, the question is asked to the production company.

“Have we provided all the needed information to make this project what we expect?”

Phase 2 – Production Phase

In order for the production phase to go smoothly, we have to stay in direct contact with our clients 100% of the time. Identifying logistical issues, location issues, weather issues, etc, The day of field production can be successful or unsuccessful, depending on if things are set in place prior to the production day and throughout the production day.

Phase 3 – Post Production

Post Production phase is where the storyline, script, and content captured, etc all come together to create the story you have always wanted to tell. This phase is what we call “A project killer.”

If phases 1-2 have not been properly followed and the communication from both parties have not been top notch, well let’s just say your project can go to the wastebasket in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t matter what type of content has been captured in phases 1 & 2, if an editor does not have a clear vision based on phases 1 and good clean content to edit from phase 2, then your project vision suffers.

Phase 4 – Revisions

Time is of the essence… Depending on what production you work with, revisions can take one day or several days. After your first revision is delivered, it is extremely important for your entire team to review the delivered asset multiple times. During your team’s review, it is requested that each team member compile a list of recommended changes. As a production company, it is a time killer to have a client send in the recommended changes from revision one, then revision two, three…then decide to change something that was seen on revision one in revision three. It is very important that the client have everyone involved in the project, look over everything and make recommended changes from revision one.

Phase 5 – Delivery

If phases 1-4 have great communication then phase 5 will be a breeze.

You’ll be asked for feedback at various stages through pre-production, production, and post-production. As a client, the best thing you can do is be responsive. A lack of response can hold up the delivery of your video.

Working with a production company is a relationship game. You can hire the most talented team in the biz, but if you don’t keep up good communication, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the resultsCheck out more of what we do on our services page. Contact us TODAY and let’s get started resolving your problems.