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Election Day is right around the corner for a lot of candidates and the question is; how are you delivering your message to make the biggest impact on your campaign?

There are so many major moments that lead up to Election Day, whether it be a presidential election, council election, major election, school board election: debates, caucuses, primaries. But the moments that matter most won’t make major headlines. They’ll happen quietly and quickly in micro-moments, when undecided voters become decided voters, often by going online and reading or watching a video that you invested in to deliver your message.

Voters’ decisions used to be made in the comfort of living rooms, in front of televisions, newspaper articles, billboard ads and more. Fast forward to today, a voter’s decision is made in micro-seconds when voters turn to a device to learn about a candidate, event, or issue. Today, the information we need is at the press of a button basically instantly and all elections should take advantage of the opportunity to deliver their message in the fastest way possible.

As a candidate that is running for a position, you must ask yourself “what is the most powerful format and most effective route to take to get my message out?” Sure you need print media, billboard ads, email newsletters, the classic yard signs:), and as many handshakes as you can get – well maybe not today due to the Coronavirus, let’s do the foot bump. Our point is, video is your answer… Hands down, no-pun intended.

So as you look at what voters want, ask yourself: Do I have the video content to answer their queries? Are my videos showing up for voters experiencing micro-moments?

You don’t need the full shindig production and a camera the size of a 1980s boombox. You just need a powerful story. Whether you’re running for president of the world, a seat on your local council or to be class president, video can change the face of your campaign.

5 Tips on the great benefits of VIDEO CAMPAIGNING

1.) Video creates a personal introduction to voters on who you are and what you stand for. 

2.) Video creates influence. Video peels back the layers to what your voters want to know.

3.) Video has the ability to be marketed on platforms that reach your audience instantly.

4.) Video creates engagement between you and your voters.

5) Video tells your story.

Video appeals to undecided voters, introducing some of the key ideas the candidate stands for. It asks a question, frames a problem and answers it. This is a great tactic to use in your own video. Not knowing who to vote for is a problem. Offer a solution by sharing key messages. 

When it comes down to it, a great video tells a powerful story that’s designed to appeal to a specific group of people. Get to know your potential voters and create something with them in mind, building on the things you have in common.If you are running for candidacy, we would like to speak with you and help you tell your message. Call us TODAY for an appointment and lets us help you build a campaign that impacts. 706-407-9600