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The top question we get from business owners on a regular basis is: what am I expected to post on all my social channels?

The interesting part is that there’s really an endless number of ideas you can do when it comes to posting on social channels. Content creation is a critical part in creating successful marketing strategies.

We all reach a wall sometimes coming up with new ideas to post on all the many platforms.

We created a list of 50 killer ideas to get your audience engaged and interacting with your business online.

To get the most impact out of this list, don’t forget a few key takeaways:

  1. Keep your content relevant to your audience: Will your target audience care about what you are posting? Will they understand it. Ask yourself if it’s something they would like to see and share with their friends. Understand your insights and what your ideal consumer
  2. Evoke emotions: Some of the most successful posts go viral because they spark such strong emotional reactions amongst users. Studies show emotions (joy, anger, sadness, etc) have the power to engage people and make them share your digital content.
  3. Utilize infographics: creating an infographic for a post helps your consumer or client better understand what they are reading or viewing. Websites like help create informational, interactive, and modern infographics. You don’t even need to have any knowledge of graphic design to create one. There is a plethora of free templates available to customize to fit your business.
  4. Be trendy: Staying up to date with all the trends in this century is essential for marketers. Stay update to date on what is in and what is out. A few things you can do it watch the news, pay attention to what the upcoming generation is doing, look at what people are spending their money on and look at what is trending on Twitter.
  5. Everything you post should reflect your daily, weekly, and monthly business goal  Never just post to post. Always post with purpose. Your goals should include connecting with your audience, get more leads, drive traffic back to a page, gain clients or make a sale.
  6. Use video content: Videos and reels are slowly dominating social media. More and more reels are showing up on user’s feeds. Use this change in the social media algorithm to your advantage. Create videos that are entertaining and educational that your audience will not only watch but share.


  1. Share behind the scenes of a project or your team/office
  2. Ask question (give your answer  I.e. ‘What motivates you?’ — our answer would be coffee
  3. Live Videos  
  4. Information on how to use a product or service / show someone using your product
  5. Post your employees (awards, birthdays, work anniversary’s)
  6. Tell people what you offer
  7. Share a quick tip
  8. Company news
  9. Market data (data that provides important insights into your operations or your industry)
  10. Post a case study
  11. A blog
  12. Newsletter signup
  13. Remind people who you are and how you got started
  14. Answer FAQ’s (This works well if you have multiple followers)
  15. Share testimonials
  16. Share your contact information
  17. Share a success story
  18. Mention your clients
  19. Do a giveaway
  20. Pair up with an influencer
  21. Post a GIF
  22. Post an animation
  23. Post an event reminder
  24. User generated content (Reposting your consumer’s post of your product or service)
  25. Share any press or features you have
  26. Instagram/Facebook stories
  27. Interesting or inspirational quotes
  28. Infographics
  29. Share, pin, Retweet & Re-gram (Instagram)
  30. Team up with another brand
  31. Make a meme
  32. Use trending topics
  33. Ask followers to tag a friend
  34. Poll your audience
  35. Talk about a charity or non-profit you’ve partnered with
  36. Recommend industry experts
  37. Share helpful tips
  38. Talk about your latest sale or project
  39. Post a commercial
  40. Holiday posts (Even on national donut day, grandparents’ day, puppy day, etc)
  41. Hiring announcements or new team members
  42. ‘On this day in history’ posts
  43. Followers’ goal / accomplishment (Post when you surpass your first 5K or 10K followers, etc.)
  44. Show before/after’s
  45. Take a survey  Share results
  46. Share a statistic
  47. Reshare a top performing post
  48. Show a sneak peek or a preview of a product
  49. Powerful photo
  50. Give exclusive offers

Don’t forget to boost certain posts

Organic reach is on the fast decline. Facebook has made shift in its post ranking to make the News Feed more about connecting with people and less about consuming media. The average reach for an organic Facebook post is down to 5.2%.

This means approximately one and 19 followers will see your post. To help change this, you must boost a post and increase your ad budget.

Boosting a post is a post that you created that you can apply money to in order to boost/connect it to an audience of your choosing.

When you boost a post, you’ll tell the platform who you want to reach, your max budget and how long you want to run your ad.

We have found that the best posts to boosts are the ones that include a high-quality video or commercial or a photograph. Boosting your best-performing content is more effective than boosting a new post or one without much engagement on it.

Wait to gain some organic traffic on a post before you boost it. Visit your Insights from your business page and click posts to check post performance.

Make sure you also boosts the posts that are relevant to your marketing and business goals.