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Each year, companies are spending thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising. Your company or small business may be doing the same, but how do you KNOW your marketing budget is being spent in the right places? Understanding marketing channels and which ones you should use to leverage your content marketing goals is the best way to know if your budget is being spent in the right places. 

MARKETING CHANNELS: Different tools & online platforms businesses use to communicate with a target audience 

In this post, we’ll discuss different marketing channels that you should focus on in 2021. These channels will amplify your reach, quality, services, revenue, and prioritize your customers. 

Marketing channels to focus on: 

  1. Social media marketing 
  2. SEO marketing
  3. Email marketing 
  4. Video marketing 
  5. Word of mouth marketing 

Social media marketing 

Billions of people worldwide are on social media. That means there are billions of people your business has the opportunity to market to. 

Consumers use social media in almost every aspect of their life. It’s how people are entertained, how they connect with friends and shop for new products and services.

Your marketing plan can use social media to create brand awareness, create relationships online with customers and gain more inbound traffic to your site. 

More than 70 percent of marketers have found social media beneficial to everyday business transactions. 

Create a social media strategy that is tailored to all of your social media platforms. 

SEO Marketing 

Search engine optimization is one of our key tools when gaining traffic online to a site. 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine and SEO drives 1000% plus more traffic to users sites and platforms. 

Tens of thousands of searches are made on Google every second, which makes SEO marketing a big deal for businesses who want to get to the top of search engines, 

To make sure your website is one of the top search engine results then you have to optimize all of your business channels to bring in traffic and increase conversions, including social media, and your blog. 

To learn more about SEO and how to use it in your business, visit HERE

Email marketing

We can bet that you’ve probably received a newsletter from a company before telling you about their product or services. That is another form of email marketing. Some marketers believe email marketing is far from dead but it is a great way to get customers coming back for more. 

You can tell consumers about specials, products or even give them an exclusive look or coupon on the later product on your website. It is one of the best methods of direct response marketing. More than 60 percent of consumers say they prefer to be contacted by brands through email. 

Encourage your customers to sign up or subscribe to your online publications to keep them up-to-date with your latest news and stories. 

Video Marketing 

Although it isn’t a new strategy, it is one that enough companies don’t use. On our own website, projects and social media, we have found consumers interact more when we use a video. If your business has yet to use video marketing, the time is now. 

Using video is key to connecting with your audience and creating an emotional connection with them. 

Companies using a professionally produced video have increased sales by 40-60%, with those same customers reporting that they are 85% more likely to purchase the product after they’ve viewed a product marketing video. Video is the closest form of advertisement to word of mouth available today. Building your brand power starts with you, and what better way to express your brand to the world than video? There isn’t one.

Word of mouth marketing

In today’s world, consumers are wanting to trust the brand they use more than ever before.When businesses rely on their customers’ recommendations of their product or service and inspire others to make purchases, this is known as word-of-mouth marketing

People trust other consumers who have used the product. Utilizing your customer’s to post reviews and experiences helps boost your sales. 

It doesn’t have to be direct word of mouth. This can be done online, on your social media platforms and on your site directly. Make sure you have a Google My Business, so you can also get Google reviews shown. 

Encourage this type of marketing by creating a customer experience that meets your consumers needs. This is done by providing high quality customer service and serving the needs of your customers before your own. 


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